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Exiting times! Soundbrenner Co-founding to Rapid Prototyping in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Since I moved back to Germany in July, many things happened in a short time. My wife and I found a nice place in Berlin-Friedrichshain, got to know the city, and were looking for work. After stumbling upon the enormous MeetUp community of Berlin, I went to a couple of Startup meet ups. These are weird meetings of people that are not actually interested in one another, but just trying to get themselves into a company or hire the best employee. But then I met the guys from Soundbrenner, who prove to be very nice and interesting people with a great idea. Designing the first wearable device for musicians.

Then I became a co-founder. With my background in Music Technology from McGill University, I was perfectly suited for the job, and I still very much enjoy working on our product. The initial idea transformed in a small company that won a bunch of awards for their excellent pitches (Berlin Social Media Week, Start Tel Aviv, Startup Weekend and more), which brought us to Hong Kong where we became part of the BRINC Connected & Smart Device Incubator program as one of the first early-stage startups ever.

The details of the product are still disclosed until our crowd funding starts on 31 March 2015.

Hong Kong is a great place for building up a company, with tremendous opportunities. In this area you find everything you need: Hong Kong for banks, legal stuff, and race horses, Shenzhen (just across the border to China) is the world capital of consumer electronics prototyping and manufacturing, Guangzhou is a great place for figuring out distribution.

Our prototypes evolved, and after numerous repeated product testing sessions with musicians we learned so much about how musicians can improve their daily practice routine with our product. The design for manufacturability (DFM) is roughly finished by now, and we can say with confidence that we are able to produce this product for the masses soon. It’s exciting to see how an idea becomes reality.

If you want to follow our progress, just head over to soundbrenner.com and subscribe to our newsletter!

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